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Real Talk

Zabulzel a posted Feb 14, 18

Just dropping a message here with the expansion coming to an end and a new one on the way. If you are a past member or are a new guy looking for a guild we don't use the site as much anymore. We have transitioned pretty much to using discord only. If you don't have our discord or do not have me on battle net just add me and hit me up. Zabulzel#1573

We are raiding just 2 days a week from 7PST to 10PST we plan on keeping the same 2 day schedule into BFA, but we hope to branch into mythic as long as we have the people to do so.

Look forward to playing with anyone that comes back.

End of the Chapter

Zabulzel a posted Mar 14, 17

Real Talk has decided to close up shop. 

After 5 years of raiding together with numerous ups and downs we have decided to stop raiding. I want to first personally thank each and every member that has ever crossed paths with us. Leading this guild has been a honor as is playing with everyone that I have in this adventure. Anyone that has raided with me knows the anger is just the means to the ends when I raided. That I cared about everyone that came through our doors. I have made alot of friendships that will last through WoW and that I wouldn't take back for anything. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything its been a great ride from Dragon Soul to now. The reason that we did well and we survived this long is because of you all, and I want to thank you all for that as well. Please don't be a stranger nearly everyone has my if you don't hit me up, and I hope to play other games with you all and shoot the shit when we can.

Thank you for everything,


Dei also wrote a section for you all as well.

Dear Real Talk,

When we started this guild I couldn't imagine it would last five years. We've certainly had our ups and downs, but this seems like a good time for our story to wrap up. Since Real Talk was created, I've gone through a divorce, moved across the country, I've been piss poor, I've been homeless, and I was addicted to drugs. But it wasn't only bad. I also got engaged, I started back at school, I got my own apartment, and I have a steady job. And now, as the final chapter of Real Talk is being written, I'm reminded that no matter what I was going through, I always had you guys. Some of the best friendships I've ever had have been you. From when we started in Dragon Soul, to our incredible times in Throne of Thunder, you have always been there for me. So, this is my thank you, to you, Real Talk and everyone who has been a part of it.

It's been real - Dei

Also I am not getting rid of the guild Ill save it incase we ever need it : )

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Zabulzel a posted Feb 9, 17

7/7M Toe Nails

Zabulzel a posted Jan 3, 17