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Great job on this one guys lets keep the momentum as we move on to other bosses.

10/10H Blackhand Down

Zabulzel a posted Mar 5, 15

Blackhand is one of the harder end tier bosses in recently history. Great kill everyone lets hit mythic hard and get some kills notched.

3/7M Brackenspore Downed

Zabulzel a posted Jan 23, 15
Great job on this fight guys lets keep up the momentum and finish strong.

Floross Great angle on the shot !
Guild Name: Real Talk
Server: Kil'Jaeden (PvP)
Recruit Contact: Zabulzel#1573, Kodo#1510, Ryownis#1920
Youtube Channel:


2/7 Mythic Highmaul

Raid Times:
Tuesday 7:30pm-1030pm PST
Wednesday 7:30pm-1030pm PST
Thursday 7:30pm-1030pm PST

Please note that we are constantly seeking exceptional applicants of every class, so take the following list lightly. If you are a veteran player, an avid PvP'er or have a prominent WoW resumé we would love to hear from you regardless of what class you play.

what YOU need:
*Desire to push the hardest content.
*Exceptional knowledge of your class.
*Situational awareness.
*Responsibility aka the ability to call out yourself.
*Able to take criticism.
*90% attendance.

what WE offer:
* Tight roster of dedicated players who show up to raids prepared and ready to progress
* A fun raid environment that's fairly laid back while still pushing heroic content.
* A mature, stable and welcoming guild. No one under 18yrs of age
* A fair loot council that awards gear based on attendance and performance
* An active group of players who sign on for more then just scheduled raids
* Competitive progression with an extremely light raid schedule
* A focused and efficient raid environment

Real Talk is a mature 20man endgame raiding guild on the Kil'Jaeden server. We look for players with the skill and desire to push only the hardest of content. We are seeking individuals who are not only competent and competitive, but dependable above all else in the long term. We want people to augment our already stellar roster. Real Talk is looking for self motivated players that continuously strive to better their play, while being able to put the guild first before their own needs. Simply put, we are searching for the best of the best. We are not looking for players who log on for raids and log off soon thereafter.
Care MMO Champ forum thread. Please keep this bumped. ...

2/7M Mythic Twins Down

Zabulzel a posted Jan 7, 15
Great job last night everyone Twins went down in our first night of real attempts on him. The 2 week holiday period is over and we have some serious progression to hit. Brackenspore up next.

1/7M Mythic Kargath Down

Zabulzel a posted Dec 15, 14
Glad to see we got Kargath down. On the other hand, we have a lot of work to do. Twins are next.

Scalpelheals Grats guys! you're killin it!

We're BACK!

Zabulzel a posted Oct 23, 14

After our 5 month hiatus from raiding Real Talk is back and in full swing. Even though it is nerfed still feels good to kill him. We are going to be pushing hard like the days of old in WoD this was just the first step. Epic Paint SS because I suck at photoshop and the usual guy's computer died.
Scalpelheals Awesome guys! Grats!
ouja tauren the master class.

The date is out 11.13.14.   Be ready. We welcome all past players back to the guild, just get in contact with anyone.  See you in Draenor!