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Today: 26 Unique Hits: 64,271

Great job on getting this kill at the end of the night guys. Tanks carrying the dps like crazy :D.

3/13M Kormrok Down

Zabulzel a posted Aug 13, 15

Great job everyone getting this in one night really shows what we can do when we are focused on what needs to be done.

Migo He grabbed us and we grabbed him right back
Cyclonus Between a Kormrok and a Hard Place.
quality Runed Ruins Ruined by Real Talk

This one was an interesting one. We 1 tanked from 28% and No tanks from 10% great job on getting it down everyone. Lets move on to Kromrok

Great job to everyone getting this one down now lets move on to reaver get it next week.

Scalpelheals Grats guys! I'm loving this tier, hope you keep it going and are liking it too!

Great kill everyone time for the choo choos